Lower Back pain

Intervertebral Disc Injuries/Sciatica

California Spinecare Institute utilizes non-invasive/non-surgical options to help heal injuries to intervertebral discs. By using spinal decompression via flexion distraction, the patient will experience pressure release along their lumbar spine (lower back), giving way for pain relief. With optimal results, patients can avoid surgery and maintain a highly active quality of life.


Migraine & Low Grade Headaches

Non-invasive protocols can help heal migraine, cervicogenic, tension, and stress related headaches. These include physio-therapeutic modalities, and myofascial trigger point therapy. Equipped with the state of the art Electro-Acuscope, our clinic utilizes the most advanced bio-electric technology to treat migraines and low grade headaches. Please explain to your doctor in detail the nature of your headaches, including duration and frequency

Upper back pain

Myofascial Pain

Dr. Cherik applies various methods to treat and rehabilitate myofascial pain syndrome, and soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries are grouped together to include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and intervertebral discs. Injury to any one of these structures may be classified as a soft tissue injury. Your doctor will explain in detail if you indeed have experienced a soft tissue injury, and what the steps in treatment and recovery will include.

Shoulder pain

Joint Injuries

Of the many modalities that may be applied to joint injuries, Ultrasound therapy is one that is used to induce healthy healing of the ligaments and tendons, and is an initial step in restoring mobility. Electronic muscle stimulation may also be used to fatigue your muscles in order to induce relaxation. Myofascial release may be utilized to encourage proper collagen deposition and trigger point therapy may be added to address myofascial pain and dysfunction. Manipulation or an Adjustments may be applied on the bones to help improve your range of motion, and ensure that your joints are functioning at maximum potential. After a treatment plan is outlined, Dr. Cherik will walk you through therapeutic exercises that will ensure stability and pain relief.

Scoliosis pain

Kyphotic / Scoliotic Curvature

Kyphosis and Scoliosis are progressive spinal conditions that can affect children and adults. If left untreated, they may cause a deformity described as a hunchback. Kyphosis can be in the form of hyperkyphosis or angular gibbus deformity. Abnormal kyphotic curves are more commonly found in the thoracic and thoracolumbar spine, although they can be found in the cervical spine as well. Over the course of treatments and self care, the spinal curvature may restore itself while maintaining a pain free posture.



Sport specified approaches are taken at California Spinecare Institute with athletes involved in CrossFit, Weightlifting, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Track, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Bowling, Ballet, and many more. For each and every sport, there are unique strength training, conditioning, and educational protocols. Dr. Cherik will outline which muscle groups are specific to your goals, and describe the biomechanics of your joints. A better understanding of your of muscle system and joint biomechanics can allow for more optimal performance and maintenance. At California Spinecare Institute, strength training and conditioning programs are coupled with nutritional counseling and dietary concerns. Nutritional factors in health and performance are pivotal to perform to your potential. At California Spinecare Institute you can obtain the knowledge you need to apply to your workout regime, diet, and sport.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling & Weight Loss

The nutritional factors are pivotal to our health and everyday well being. Supplementation or simple nutritional dietary changes are often all it takes to feel an immediate difference to your metabolism and energy levels. At our clinic we will help you understand how to evaluate the adequacy of your diet, and how macro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals affect your well being.

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